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We were the first...

In the early 90s we were the first to connect machine tool controls to networks using Ethernet adapters. At the same time we introduced the technique of program request from the controller's keyboard, using a dummy program. These were important factors to reduce the cost of ownership and allowed our system to become the standard of network-DNC in teh market.

Older controllers without a built-in Ethernet card still need a device server (= Ethernet adapter) to connect their RS232 interface to the network. Although newer controllers have an Ethernet card, they still use the data management of the DNC system for data storage and backup. All Network DNC systems can use either the special Network network adapters with DNC-In-The-Box® firmware, but can as well use standard terminal servers, device servers or com-servers, such as produced by Lantronix, W&T, Moxa and others.

Standard Ethernet or Wireless LAN

All Network DNC systems can be used in "classic" Ethernet LANs or in wireless LANs (WLAN).

The LAN of your choice

Standard Ethernet
Standard Ethernet
WLAN - Wireless LAN
WLAN - Wireless LAN

Program request from controller's keyboard

An other significant feature is the use of a dummy program, sent from the controller, to request a NC program that is stored on the computer. This allows the operator of the machine to call and save programs from his controller without leaving his work place. The DNC system recognizes whether a saved program has been modified and in such a case, it stores it in the duplicates where it can be compared to the original with a simple mouse click.

As our DNC systems use a comment line for identification of a part program, the restrictions of 4 digit-Ids does not apply and you can work with smart Ids, such as: part number, design numbers or even combinations.

Safe data transfer

Our Ethernet adapters work with TCP/IP protocol which assures a safe data transfer over any distance. As the network adapter is built in the cabinet of the controller, the RS232 cable can be kept very short. This allows to transfer part programs with the maximum speed that is supported by the controller.

NetworkDNC is known in the market as innovator of network-based DNC systems (Direct Numerical Control) and MDCPDC systems (Machine Data Collection/Production Data Collection).

All over the world many thousends of machine tools are networked with NetworkDNC network adapters - many of them in the leading companies of their branch.

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