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CNC Controls with Protocol Transfer

In past days, many machine tool controls used by mould makers and tool and die makers, utilized a protocol to transfer their data. The makers of those controllers had realized that RS232 does not guarrantee a safe transfer and therefore, they implemented a method of data checking so that the control can recognize whether there has been a data loss or not. Data is transferred in blocks and each block has its special check sum that is proved by the control. This ACK-NAK method takes time over the network - especially when there is heavy traffic on the net. This causes the controller to wait for data and it stops which has a bad effect on the part itself and the processing time for the part.

The SCD runs the protocol only on the serial side so there is no data starvation. The SCD has always enough data in its local memory to smoothen the gaps in transmission on the network side. It can deliver data without delay to the control. On the network side only large blocks are transferred while on the serial side the ACK-NAK protocol is applied.

CNC Controls with Protocol Transfer

SCD adapters with Heidenhain protocol

The network adapter Network SCD connects any Heidenhain controller with the network and allows accessing the part programs directly from the keyboard of the controller, using the dialog supplied by Heidenhain. It works without any delays, as if you had a PC beside every machine, using just one only Windows PC for many machines!
The advantage over all other network-based DNC systems is that no network traffic affects the data transfers and lets delay the single data packages. SCD has enough space in its local memory so that it can always deliver data to the controller with its maximum speed.

Older Heidenhain controls transfer data with 9600 Baud, but the newer ones are able to transfer with up to 115'000 Baud. Network SCD delivers these speeds to your control!

SCD adapters for all Heidenhain controls:

SCD adapters for all Heidenhain controls

SCD adapters with Mazatrol protocol

Mazak customers often save and load part programs with a special diskette drive. These devices become outdated as we offer you a highly comfortable alternative with the SCD adapters:Load and save right from the Mazak control's keyboardThe Network SCD network adapters offer the same possibilities as Mazak's diskette drive, and even more!

SCD with Mazatrol protocol allows you to:

SCD Adapters for all Mazatrol controls:

More protocols on request...


NetworkDNC is known in the market as innovator of network-based DNC systems (Direct Numerical Control) and MDCPDC systems (Machine Data Collection/Production Data Collection).

All over the world many thousends of machine tools are networked with NetworkDNC network adapters - many of them in the leading companies of their branch.

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