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The complete DNC system for small and medium size companies.

leanDNC - in combination with the low-priced DITB-601 network adapters - is an extremely reliable Windows-based network-DNC system that has been installed many hundred times all over in the world. Thanks to its low price it pays back the investment within a few months.

Easy-to-use program management

Easy-to-use program management

SCD-S Smart Communication Device
SCD-S Smart Communication Device

DNC functionality

Comfortable Program Management

Most of the tasks that usually are executed by a PC operator are executed by the leanDNC, as it works according to the motto: everything possible to be automated should be done by the computer and only where decisions have to be taken should be left to the operator. All duties are accessible by a simple mouse click. This saves the person in charge up to 80% of its usual program handling, as only special cases have to be treated by the operator.


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