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DNC Network Adapters (Direct Numerical Control)

DNC-In-The-Box® is the designation of a series of Ethernet network adapters with embedded DNC firmware to serve serial CNC controllers. These adapters transfer data on the network using the FTP protocol; on the RS232 side they run the protocol of the CNC. Using this technique, a simple FTP server program (can be bought for few dollars) can be used for the data transfer on any computer. It allows to do real DNC including drip feeding and call part programs from the machine's keyboard. DNC-In-The-Box® adapters can be ordered preconfigured for many different controllers. Please ask for the controller you are using.

Network DNC Adapters

  • 10 Mb/s Ethernet
  • DNC functionality
  • 1 RS232 for DNC
  • 2nd RS232 for barcode reader or handheld terminal
SCD-S Smart Communication Device
  • 10/100 Mb/s
  • DNC functionality
  • RS232 for machine connection
SCD-DM - Smart Communication Device
SCD-DM - Smart Communication Device
  • 10/100 Mb/s
  • DNC functionality
  • PCMCIA-Slot for WLAN card
  • optional 8 dig. I/Os
  • optional audio exit
  • 1 soft-configurable RS232 for DNC
  • 2. RS232 for barcode reader or handheld terminal

DNC Functionality

The new SCD-DM adapter has a soft-configurable serial DNC interface and allows the use of straight RS232 cables. Soldering becomes obsolete. A line monitor function can be activated via browser and allows to trace the data flow on the serial line. This allows even non-experts to find the correct settings for the DNC configuration. The SCD-DM is equipped with a PCMCIA slot which allows an easy connection into wireless LANs. The following functions are embedded in the firmware of all DNC-In-The-Box® adapters:


Data Collection Functions

The SCD-DM adapters can be equipped with serial I/Os that can be configured either to be used as part counters or to gather signal changes directly from the PLC. The second RS232 port supports the use of barcode readers or handheld terminals (without special software).

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