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High-End Network DNC System For High Demand. DNC5000 is the first real .NET DNC application on the market. It is programmed with VB.NET and C#. It unites the know how of some hundreds of installations all over the world. It is aiming at customers with high expectations, such as in the medical, automotive or aironautics and airospace industry.

Thank to the flexibility of the NC program management, DNC5000 allows paperless production using PC clients/terminals - or today even better tablet PCs - configured to the needs of the user. A detailled log book traces all the transactions of PC users, serially connected machine tools or even network-machines.

DNC5000 is FDA-compliant and fulfills all requirements for FDA validation according the standard for medical equipment DIN EN ISO 13485:2003.

Best combination

FDA-compliant DNC
FDA-compliant DNC
SCD - Smart Communication Device
SCD - Smart Communication Device

DNC for FDA validation


All information on a mouse click

All operations are initiated by a simple mouse click - no manual or special users training is necessar! DNC5000 automates to a large extent the operators part programs' handling and reduces the daily work to about 10% of the usual! DNC5000 is multiuser-capable and can run on several client-PCs at the same time. Network-DNC = All informationen on a glance - all actions on a mouse click!

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