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Crossgrade made easy

Com-Server Support is a program module that is used to make non-Network network adapters work with DNC4000, leanDNC or DNC5000 . This module supports device servers, com-servers or standard terminal servers that are sold by different vendors. These devices build a gateway between RS232 and Ethernet but do not inherit extra intelligence like the Network DNC-In-The-Box® firmware.
Our Com-Server Support module works with socket connections and not with com port redirector! the Com-Server Support module takes all tasks that are embedded in our DNC-In-The-Box® network adapters and allows therefore the cooperation of Network DNC software and standard FTP server software with non-Network adapters. Even when Com-Server Support is used with a simple FTP server software (for a few $ or € to buy), this module allows to

DNC functions

Why do we offer this upgrade or crossgrade?

There are three reasons why we developped the Com-Server Support module:1. We have a lot of old installations from past days with customers still usind DNC1000, DNC2000 or DNC3000. These DNC systems worked with standard terminal servers. We want to give these customers a low budget upgrade path for their system.2. Some customers might be afraid to become dependent on our unique DNC-In-The-Box® products. Now they have the choice. 3. A considerable number of users in the market bought a network-DNC system from vendors with little experience. And their DNC doesn't match their expectations. We want to offer them a fair priced crossgrade and a happy future with a reliable Network DNC system.

With which software?

Com-Server Support module is installed as a service on a Windows PC and runs in background without a visible surface. The following software can be used with Com-Server Support:

Are there disadvantages?

DNC-In-The-Box® still has some advantages, because the intelligence is situated where it is needed - close to the RS232 interface. When a controller works with a special protocol, data is transferred in blocks and the controller confirms each block he receives with one character (e.g. ACK = acknowledged – NAK = not acknowledged). When you are working in a tight network with a lot of traffic, a delay of one or two seconds can arise until the next block arrives on the controller. In teh meantime this has worked down th last block and is waiting for data.
This way the work time for the part is extended and on the part itself you can see the result of all the stop and go! DNC-In-The-Box® technology prevents you from this as the protocol itself only runs on the serial side and all those ACK/NAK characters are not transferred to the computer. As soon as the controller receives the acknowledgement it can send the next block aout of its local memory. This way the controller is continuously feeded without any delays and can work with the maximum speed. With DNC-In-The-Box® you get more hardware but less software, with Com-Server Support you need more software on the computer side but less hardware on the machine's side. Terminal servers have less intelligence on-site (in the box).


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