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Network-based Direct Numerical Control

Our highly sophisticated network-based DNC systems cover the two main duties of Direct Numerical Control:

  1. Safe data transfer via network between CNC and computer
  2. Data management of NC programs and production related documents

Network DNC systems are mostly used by companies in production companies that use CNC machines, such as: auto industry, medical instruments, makers, high precision part makers, job shops, etc.

Our systems have 3 characteristics that make them unique in the DNC market:

  1. the ability to directly connect all CNC machines to standard networks (Ethernet or Token Ring).
  2. program load and save is done from the keyboard of the control without the use of any additional terminals
  3. a self-organizing database allows you to work with significant program Ids, such as part numbers or design numbers

Standard Ethernet Or Wireless LAN?

Because all CNCs are connected directly to the Local Area Network, using the control, data can always be transferred with the highest transfer rate. This feature reduces considerably the time required to load programs - without any risk of data corruption.

Older controls that still are equipped with RS232 interfaces need a special network adapter (DNC-In- The-Box®) which is built into the cabinet of the controller. This allows you to keep the RS232 cable to a few inches in length, thus reducing the risk of data loss or data corruption to an absolute minimum.

Newer controls with built-in Ethernet adapter do not need DNC-In-The-Box®. They are connected directly to the network and can be served by the DNC4000 software.

network DNC systems can be used in any network, either Ethernet with cables or wireless (s. Network Adapters)


NetworkDNC is known in the market as innovator of network-based DNC systems (Direct Numerical Control) and MDCPDC systems (Machine Data Collection/Production Data Collection).

All over the world many thousends of machine tools are networked with NetworkDNC network adapters - many of them in the leading companies of their branch.

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